Gandang Gabi Vice

Gandang Gabi Vice! Also known as Good Evening, Vice! is a Filipino comedy talk show, written by Vince Bersola, Sol Caco, Regina Diane Norona, Darla Sauler and directred by Amel Nativdad. Gandang Gabi, Vice! Released by ABS-CBN network on May 22, 2011 and have completed 6 seasons with more than 350 episodes. Gandang Gabi, Vice! Rating is 3.2/5 on, 7.9/10 on IMDb and 82% google users liked this show. This show was nominated for the “Best Celebrity & Showbiz – Oriented Talk Show” by PMPC Star Awards in 2012 and won the “Best Male Celebrity & Showbiz-Oriented Talk Show Host” Pinoy Tv Award by PMPC Star Awards for Television’s in 2012. The first show of Gandang Gabi, Vice! Premiered on Sunday May 22, 2011 and since aired on every Sunday nights. Before the timings was 10:30 pm (PST), later changed to 10:15 pm (PST), On October 2012, again changed by the management and moved to earlier at 9:30 pm (PST). In 2013 the show moved to 9:15 PM (PST).
The main concept of this show is to take an interview from the celebrity guest and discuss about different topics, comedy segments with guest celebrirites and live acts from various performers. Pinoy Tambayan The management decided that the show will be ended on February 19, 2012 after completion of thirteen episodes but enormous positive feedback changed this decision and announced for the second season. Gandang Gabi, Vice! show named and tagged as “the Trending Capital of the Philippines” on social networking sites, especially on Twitter. Our Website, updating all episodes of Gandang Gabi, Vice! known as “the Trending Capital of the Philippines” to catch and watch your favorite celebrity online.

  • Tv Show: Gandang Gabi Vice
  • First episode date: May 22, 2011
  • Directed by: Arnel Natividad
  • Theme song: Gandang Gabi, Vice!